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Residential Landscape Design Services

I would love to work with you to transform your outdoor spaces into a place where you, your family, and friends can relax and have fun in!

What is the process in this transformation?

  1. Gardening servicesFirst, we will meet at your home to discuss thoroughly what your landscaping needs are.  I will have a portfolio where you may see my past projects and my capabilities.  Before I leave I will take basic measurements of your yard.

  2. Next, I will provide you with a quote of what the cost of my landscape design service will be.

  3. If you choose to move forward, then you return a signed copy of the quote/contract, secured with a deposit (50% of the quoted fee).  During this meeting we would discuss in detail what your landscape design should include.  This is a good time to show me any pictures you’ve collected – got’a love Houzz and Pinterest!

  4. I come back to you with a conceptual design.  You may like it exactly the way it is or together we can tweak it, ultimately coming up with one you are completely in love with!

  5. With this I create a Landscape Design Portfolio for you...

What is a Landscape Design Portfolio?

  1. Gardening servicesYour Landscape Design Portfolio provides all the drawings, information and instruction needed to build your landscaping project.

  2. All drawings are drawn to scale using professional landscaping software.

  3. All drawings, information and instruction will be given in coloured hardcopy and can also be available in .jpg or .pdf form.

  4. Based on the complexity of your project, your Landscape Design Portfolio may include:


Softscape Plan

Shows the placement of all plants within the design, listing plant names, quantities and a colour photo of each plant. It also includes total sq ft of gardens, and total quantity of soil and mulch required.


A drawing of the design identifying features such as fire pits, sitting walls, stone patio, wood deck, pool, hot tub, water features, etc.


Identifies all dimensions (ft) and areas (sq ft) needed to plan and build all softscape and hardscape components of the design.


Identifies what is currently on the property, where the new landscaping will take place, and shows what is to stay, and what is to go.


Provides detail on how to build any of the landscaping features ie. Paved walkway, pergola, deck, planting of a tree, etc.


Identifies the slope of the yard, and heights of various feature elements of the design, ie. Retaining walls, sitting walls, steps, etc.


Is a drawing that shows the complete picture of the landscape design – the plants, hardscapes, gardens and all special features.


What is the cost of my service?

  1. Gardening services My minimum fee is $250 – this would be for a small front yard or back yard.

  2. The fee is increased based on the size of the yard and how many design elements are to be included in the design.

  3. Please complete a ‘Request for Quote’ to obtain a more accurate price.

  4. Upon signing of the quote/contract, a deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required. The remaining 50% is due upon receipt of the final Master Plan and Landscape Design Portfolio.


Who will build your Landscape Project?

  1. Gardening services If you are a DIY’er... My Landscape Design Portfolio will give you all the drawings, information and instruction you will need to build my design. I would also be available to supervise.

  2. If you have your own Contractor in mind... Then I will provide a Landscape Design Portfolio for your Contractor. I would also be available to supervise.

  3. No Contractor in mind? Then I will provide you with a list of Contractors plus 3 extra copies of the Portfolio where you may obtain 3 quotes. Upon construction, I would also be available to supervise.


Install Designs from $250!

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